Sunday, February 01, 2015     

Aldridge Piling Equipment (Hire), also know as APE (Hire), offers a very comprehensive range of impact hammers and piling vibrators for hire.   Whilst we have quite a selection of excavator mounted attachments, we are piling specialists rather than attachment specialist, and this means that we have the knowledge to back up the equipment.  

We have the UK's most comprehensive range of air hammers with 9 sizes of air hammers from 40 Kg through to 3000 Kg, including our own APE (Hire) Mini Hammers, BSP and Atlas Copco hammers.   These provide the necessary balance to complement our range of Excavator mounted vibrators, EMV units, and the brand new Movax Lite.

APE (Hire) also specialises in piling fabrication and offers a very wide range of piling mandrels for plastic sheet piling, both our innovative side and internal mandrels.  For more information on specific products click on the photos below or follow the menu structure above.   If in doubt which product is the one you need please call us on 01543 277680 or email us on

Remember any of these hammers can be made to fit any pile be this steel, plastic or timber.

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